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Summer Intensive Camp

MaxScholar tutoring utilizes a blended learning environment that builds reading, writing, reading comprehension and thinking skills, using cutting edge software and other engaging materials.

2017 dates
Jun. 5 to Jun. 9
Jun. 12 to Jun. 16
Jun. 19 to Jun. 23
Jun. 26 to Jun. 30
Jul. 3 to Jul. 7
Jul. 10 to Jul. 14
Jul. 17 to Jul. 21
Jul. 24 to Jul. 28
Jul. 31 to Aug. 4
Aug. 7 to Aug. 11
Aug. 14 to Aug. 18
Aug. 21 to Aug. 25
Aug. 28 to Sep. 1


  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Organization & Study Strategies
  • Auditory & Visual
  • Processing Disorders


  • 1:1 Tutoring
  • Small Group Instruction
  • Licensed Reading Specialists
  • Auditory & Visual
  • Licensed Teachers

  • Learning Disabilities
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Research-based Math
  • Tutoring, K-12
  • At home, in our center and online.

SUMMER 2017 Intensive Camp Features

A blended learning environment for building reading, writing, reading comprehension and math skills for all students using cutting-edge software and other engaging material.

Reading Comprehension Development:

Understanding what one reads is the most important aspect of reading. Specific multi-sensory reading comprehension strategies will be taught, such as making predictions, retellings, webbing, and paraphrasing.

Multi-Sensory Math Strategies:

We use hands-on, multi-sensory approaches to teaching the language of math. We will focus on strategies to build confidence and develop core skills.

Reading Instruction:

Emphasizes the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading, a multisensory, systematic form of instruction that teaches language in its phonological, morphological, systematic, and semantic aspects to build stronger language skills. Focus will be placed on improving decoding ability and reading fluency.

Written Language Skills:

Focuses on building an understanding of basic sentence structure, paragraph format, punctuation and capitalization, proofreading, and handwriting. Multi-sensory activities will be used to enhance written language skills.

Daily Course Schedule:

  • Orton-Gillingham based reading instruction
  • Written Language skills
  • Reading Comprehension Development
  • Multi-sensory math strategies
  • Study Strategies

Other Educational Therapy Options:

  • Lindamood-Bell* Seeing Stars
  • Lindamood-Bell* Visualizing & Verbalizing

Students will build skills in:

  • Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Writing Organization and Development
    • Syntax
    • Grammar
    • Sentence Structure & Punctuation
  • Vocabulary
  • Orton Gillingham
    • Phonological Awareness
    • Sound-Symbol Association
    • Syllable Instruction
    • Morphology (roots, prefixes, suffixes)
    • Multi-sensory math strategies

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